What is Fast Alert and how does it work?

The CrisisGo Fast Alert button makes alerting your organization quicker and easier. You can configure any alert types you want to correspond with the Fast Alert button.
How it Works
You can tap the Fast Alert button to quickly send an Alert. You will be prompted to choose an Alert type icon (configured by your organization during setup). If you are in multiple communication groups, you will select which group to send the Alert to and confirm sending the Alert. All users in the chosen message groups will receive the Alert notification, with an audible tone, on their devices. Alerts are received simultaneously by each selected message group. Communication and all safety-related steps can continue until the situation has been resolved.
Why Are There Two Methods for Sending an Alert?
CrisisGo created the Fast Alert button to save precious seconds during an emergency. The Fast Alert button allows your team members to send out the most pertinent Alerts to your organization with fewer clicks or taps. The result of the Fast Alert button is the same as the Alert. It’s just a quicker way to let your school know about an emergency.
Knowing dexterity is often reduced during an emergency, the graphical icons for Fast Alert make it easier for your stakeholders to send the most relevant and important Alerts. Your district’s entire list of Alert types can still be accessed through the standard way of sending an Alert within a message group.
Think of Fast Alert button as a shortcut that lets you send Alerts faster, and Fast Alert lets you send Alerts in new ways, like using your smartphone’s swipe down menu or widgets. You can also right-click the app icon in the toolbar tray of your PC or Mac to send a Fast Alert.
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