What is Roster Event and how does it work?

The CrisisGo Roster Event tool allows your school to better account for students during an emergency through more detailed status options, greater access to student lists, and enhanced statistics for admin review.

How it Works

  • Roster Events must be launched by group Managers. Once a Roster Event has been started, everyone in the selected group(s) will get a pop-up notification that will let them take roster. 
  • To ensure every student can be accounted for, staff can utilize filters for buildings, grades, teachers, or sections, as well as a search bar to search for specific students.
  • Staff members can utilize swipes or a multi-select option to mark the status of students. Staff can mark whether each student is accounted for or unaccounted for, and staff can further note the specific status of each student (e.g. injured, absent that day, etc.).
  • Staff can also comment on the status of each student to add greater detail. Emergency contact information for the students can still be accessed by long holding the student’s name.
  • A timestamp is set for each student that had a status marked for them.
  • Managers can view the Roster Event progress from the app via the statistics page. The statistics page presents numbers and graphs that show how many students have been accounted for, how many are unaccounted for and the specific details of student statuses.
  • Managers can also monitor staff progress by seeing how many rosters have been marked as complete, how many rosters are in progress, and how many staff have had no activity.
  • All of the information from a Roster Event is also recorded in the District’s dashboard, and it can be easily accessed for post-incident review.
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