How do you go back and mark a drill complete?

To mark a drill as complete in the console: 

  1. Log into the CrisisGo administrative console. 
  2. From the Dashboard, select the Alert tab. 
  3. Select View All Events from the bottom of the screen. 
  4. From the Alert List, select the Released Alert tab. 
  5. Select the paper icon beneath Action to the right of the drill.  
  6. Change the drill drop-down on the right from It's not a Drill to It's a Drill to Yes for the appropriate Alert.
  7. Complete the Drill Details form including Number of Participants and Number of Supervising Staff. 
  8. Use the space beneath Drill Details to note what occurred during the drill. Any information entered here will be automatically saved.

For more information on  Drill Management, please select one of the following videos:

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