How do I set up Area Scanning for iPass?

REMINDER: Before setting up Areas, Administrators must be determined before moving forward. Information to add administrators for Businesses or K-12 can be found by following the links.

To check if Area Entry is On or Off

  1. Navigate to Tools in the CrisisGo Console.
  2. Select Safety Check-in.  (The Safety Check-In window will open.)
  3. Select Permission on the left.
  4. Choose Admin, then select a building, and choose administrators.
  5. Look for Area Entry Record Management, click the Edit Pencil, select Yes, then click OK.
  6. Select Save at bottom of the page.

NOTE: For setting Admins for Area Entry only. (Not Building Entry)

Click the Scan edit pencil. Select No, click OK then Save.

How to Set Areas for entry and exit barcodes:

From the Safety Check-In Dashboard:

  1. Select Tools
  2. Select Area Entry.
  3. Click New Area.
  4. From the Building drop-down choose the building you want to create an Area.
  5. In the Area Box, create an Area name (Gym, Cafeteria, etc).
  6. Leave Entrance and Exit Scanner empty if using only QR Codes for Staff and/or Students to scan with the CrisisGo App. (Not Monitored by Scanner Administrator)

If using Entrance Scanner instead of QR codes solely.

Select admins who have scanner rights for entrance. NOTE: You can set more than one person to scan.

To set the Exit Scanner, follow the same method as above. NOTE: You cannot use the same Administrator for Exit as used for Entrance Scanner.

Once set, your Area Entry should have Areas populated. Either with or without Scanner Administrators.

NOTE: 2nd Floor - Lab, does not have Scanner Administrators. (QR Code only at doors). The Main Office - North Building has Scanner Administrator monitoring the doors.

To view QR codes for Entry and Exit, click the Blue QR Icon under QR Code. (Shown Above)

A window will pop up:

 Click Download QR Codes to save and/or print the QR Codes to place in the exit and entrances of the area.

How to View Area Entry Records

To access entry records:

  1. Select the Dashboard, and click on Area Entry.
  2. In this view, you'll be able to view the following: Buildings and Areas, Person Type (Staff/Student), and the Time and Date of each Entry and Exit of the Area.

For the contact info of who entered and exited the Area.

Click on Action Icon on the right. A window will appear with the person's contact information:

  • The date defaults to the current date. To change the date, click the date and then set the date that you would like to view.
  • Buildings and Areas can also be selected to only show specific locations on those dates.
  • You can also search for staff and/or students' names to find specific users for any date.

To download a CSV file for those dates, click the blue Export button:

 To view a video of Area Entry for Business or K12, please click on the link.

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