How do I add a Crisis SOP checklist?

To Add a Crisis Type:

  1. Log into the online console and click the Crisis/SOP tab at the top of the screen. You will see a list of the crisis types from your emergency plan listed alphabetically. 
  2. Click Add Crisis
  3. Type the name of the crisis and click Save
  4. This crisis type will not have a checklist associated with it until you create that checklist. To complete this step, click into the crisis type and then click Add SOP.
  5. After clicking Add SOP, choose whether you would like to create an SOP or assign an SOP from the library (if there is one available). 

Note:  If another crisis type requires the same emergency procedures, you might consider saving that checklist in your SOP Library so that it can be applied to other crisis types (Example:  Save an evacuation checklist in your SOP library so that you can apply it to the crisis types that require  .)

Helpful Hint:  SOP stands for "Standard Operating Procedure" and consists of the steps that should be taken during a crisis.

To Create a New SOP Checklist:

  1. Click Create SOP
  2. Type the SOP name and click Save
  3. The next steps will be to assign the roles and create checklists. Click Assign Role
  4. Select the role and click Add Step
  5. Type the step in the box and then click to choose the Step Type
  6. Click Save after creating each step. Continue this process until the checklist is complete.

Helpful Hint:  The Step Type determines the format of the step in the CrisisGo app. Checkbox is the default option and will put a checkbox beside the step in the app. Dropdown will give the user different choices to choose from when completing a step. Header will make the text a bold header rather than a step. Textbox will allow the user to type a response to a step rather than simply checking a box.

7.  You will need to create a different checklist for each role or click Save & Save as Template to save a checklist for use with other roles. 

8. When you are finished creating checklists,  Publish the changes from within the Console to push the new data to the CrisisGo app.

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