What are the Reunification roles?

There are several roles that staff members will take on during the Reunification process. Each role has a unique responsibility to ensure efficiency and effectiveness. It is also imperative that staff members assigned to these roles have all the tools necessary to complete their tasks.

1.  Operations Officer – this is the Administrator who begins the Reunification process. Once the  Operations Officer has ensured that the process is complete, they are also responsible for closing out the Reunification. 
2. Kidhold – check-in all students arriving to begin Reunification. They maintain order and guide students through the process.
3. Checker – verify parent/guardian identification to make sure that it matches with the student emergency contact information on file. Once a match is confirmed, the student is moved to the Transfer section. 
4. Greeter – work with parents/guardians who may not have identification. They also investigate further if someone other than an authorized person comes to pick up a student. Once that person is verified, the Greeter assigns the student to the Transfer section.
5. Release – these staff members  are in charge of moving students from the Transfer section to the Release section. They also act as the second point of identity verification before a student is released to a parent/guardian.
6. Public Information Officer – this administrator responds to inquiries from the public regarding the event and is aware of student positions within the Reunification process.
7.  Coordinator –  can multitask to act as Kidhold, Greeter, or Release Staff during a reunification event.  
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