What are the iPhone and Android settings to check for receiving alerts?

The first step to ensuring that you receive Alerts is to make sure that you are in the correct Message Groups. You must be either a Group Manager or Member to receive Alerts sent within the Group. Your Message Groups will be listed in the Message tab of the app.

The next step will be to check your sound settings: 

  1. To check your settings, log into the CrisisGo app.
  2. Tap into the More tab at the bottom of the screen and then tap Settings.
  3. Tap In-App Message Sound to set the volume controls when receiving new messages while the app is open. The default app volume setting is “Follow System”, which means that sound will correspond with the user’s phone/computer volume settings.

  3.  Tap the arrow in the upper left to return to the Settings screen. Make sure that Do Not Disturb is toggled to the Off position so that you will receive Alert notifications.

  4.  If you have checked your app settings and are still not receiving Alerts, please submit Feedback from within the More tab so that our support team can troubleshoot the issue.

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