What is the difference between the Class Roster tool and Roster Event?

The Class Roster tool can be found in the Organization tab of the CrisisGo app. It allows you to view student roster data and emergency contacts. The Roster tool is always available for those staff members who have permission to view student roster data. Those staff members will have access to class rosters and student emergency contact information. A student's emergency contacts can be viewed by pressing and holding a student's name. Roster data can be accessed within the Roster tool regardless of whether a drill or emergency has occurred. 

The Roster Event feature builds upon this idea by allowing staff to account for students with greater depth. A Roster Event must be launched by a group Manager and is therefore not always available for staff to use. During a drill or emergency, a Manager will initiate a Roster Event. Staff in the message group will be notified when a Roster Event has started. As teachers and staff select student names and mark their roster as complete, those students will be moved from the Unaccounted tab to Accounted. Staff can also mark students as Absent or Injured and provide details about when a student was last seen. Student emergency contact information can also be accessed during a Roster Event by pressing and holding a student's name. Group Managers can view live Roster Event progress and data from the Statistics tab directly within the app. 

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