How do I set the default communication message for roles not authorized to speak to the media?

From within the CrisisGo app, the media communication message can be found in the Organization tab within each Checklist by tapping Communication in the bottom right corner. The communication message that a user can see depends on whether they are assigned to one of the roles that have been given permission to communicate with media. These settings and the communication messages can be managed from within the administrative console.

To add a Communication Message for those who are NOT authorized to speak to the media:

  1. Log in to the administrative console.
  2. Click Crisis/SOP.
  3. Click Communication Message.
  4. Enter the default communication message for all staff (Example:  Please refer all media inquiries to the superintendent).
  5. Click Submit when complete.
  6. Place a checkmark beside all roles that have permission to speak to the media for the organization and click Submit.

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