What does "Your Email is Associated with Multiple Accounts” mean?

If you have encountered issues with your email being associated with multiple accounts, you may have created a personal CrisisGo account that will need to be deleted in order for you to access the CrisisGo account connected to your organization. 

Open your CrisisGo app and follow these steps:

  1. Enter the email address and password tied to your accounts
  2. Once you type in your password and click Sign In, you will receive a message that informs you that more than one account is tied to your email address. 
  3. Once you have entered your login credentials, you will be prompted to choose between the accounts tied to your email address. You will need to select your personal account, which is the one without the @ sign. The account with the @ sign is the one tied to your organization.
  4. Type in the password for your personal account and click Sign in. If you have forgotten your password, please select Forgot Password? and complete the instructions.
  5. Once you are signed in, tap More
  6. Select My Account
  7. Finally, select Delete Account to remove your personal account. This will mean that you can now log in with the account that was created through your organization, ensuring that you can communicate effectively in the event of any emergency.
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