How do I contact CrisisGo Support?

The CrisisGo Customer Support team is always happy to help our customers.  Below we have listed some of the common requests we may receive, however, feel free to contact us with any requests you may have.  If necessary, we can easily engage the appropriate resources to get you the help you need!

  • You experience a bug with the app.
  • You experience issues with your network connectivity.
  • You experience issues with device management or general device problems.
  • You would like assistance configuring user administration tools such as LDAP or ADFS.
  • You have user management issues such as forgotten usernames or forgotten passwords.
  • You experience roster issues related to student/teacher data synchronization from your SIS.
  • You have changes you would like to make to your Emergency Plan.

To contact Support, we have the following options available:

Please note Support Business Hours are Monday – Friday from 8:00am – 5:00pm CST.

Below we have listed the recommended methods of contacting CrisisGo Customer Support in order.  While all methods of contact are available for our customers, we base these recommendations on the Priority of the request.  Priority is determined on a combination of the impact and urgency.  For example, a complete CrisisGo outage for an entire school or district would be high priority, whereas a minor request for one person would be low.  The CrisisGo Customer Support team will assess each request individually and determine the requests Priority.

Low Priority (Default):  Typical resolution of Low Priority Requests is less than 24 hours.

  1. Email Support at or chat with Support via our Help Center. 
  2. Submit Feedback from the CrisisGo Application (Instructions)

Medium Priority:  Typical resolution of Medium Priority Requests is less than 8 hours. 

  1. Chat with Support via our Help Center. 
  2. Call our Customer Support Team at 314-669-9022*

High Priority:  Typical resolution of High Priority Requests is less than 4 hours.

  1. Call our Customer Support Team at 314-669-9022*

*In the event there is a High Priority issue outside of business hours, please call 314-669-9022.  Our phones route to an after-hours answering service.  Please leave a message with the Answering Service and they will contact someone from CrisisGo.   A representative from CrisisGo will contact you back as soon as possible.

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