What do the permissions mean on the user management spreadsheet?

The User List is used to enter user information for each administrator and staff member in the district that will have access to the CrisisGo app.  Please refer to the information below while completing the User List. 

User Information:

  • First Name:  User’s first name.
  • Last Name:  User’s last name.
  • Account  Username to log in to the app (this will be followed by the @ and CrisisGo account number). Users can also log in using their email address.
  • Initial Password:  Password to log in to the app. This can be changed by the user after the initial login.
  • Email:  User’s email address. Users can also login to the app using their email address.
  • Building:  User’s primary building.
  • Department:  User’s department or title – in the app, users are sorted in the Internal Contacts by Building and then by Department.
  • Role: User’s role. This must match a Role that has already been created in Role Management and will determine which checklists a user sees in the app.
  • Staff ID:  If you give a user permission to view only "My Roster" then you will need to provide their Staff ID number from your Student Information System.
  • Phone Numbers:  If added, users will be able to call one another from within the app (optional)

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