Why did I not get an alert?

Some of the more common reasons for not getting an Alert include a problem with the alert settings the user not being a member of the group, or poor network connection.  Or, if you are using the PC application, your computer may be going into sleep mode.

If you are not receiving an Alert, you may need to change some of the settings in the app.  Start by opening your CrisisGo app and tapping More at the bottom. Next, tap Settings. When the settings screen opens up, make sure the tab next to Receive Offline Messages is green and the tab next to Do Not Disturb is white. Then, click In-App Message Sound and make sure Always High Volume is selected.  Once these steps are complete the CrisisGo settings will be properly set.

If an Alert was sent but not received by the correct recipients, please Submit Feedback through the app. This information will be sent to our support and development team for further investigation and then someone will contact you with more information as quickly as possible. 

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