What is Check-In and how does it work?

During an emergency, you need a quick way to assess the status of your staff so you can identify who is at risk and offer further support. CrisisGo’s Check-In tool not only makes it easy to quickly respond to pertinent questions, but it also compiles the answers for seamless mobile review and response.

Three steps to Check-In:

  1. Send a Check-In with a question to all staff members in a message group.
  2. Receive all replies within the app via the Check-In tool, with staff replies that are sorted by their answer.
  3. If a member of the group replies with a need for help or does not reply at all, you can directly message those members.  

Here are some of the more common use cases:

  • Are you ok? (Staff Attendance)
  • List all additional students in your room. (Extra Students)
  • Can you return to school for another route? (Polling Bus Drivers)
  • Is your section of the building clear? (Update from staff on evacuation)
  • Are you at the rally point? (Confirm location of staff during an evacuation)

For more information, please Click Here to watch our informational training video.

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