Can I escalate to first responders such as Police, Fire, and EMS?

Safe schools require a broad-based effort by partners in many sectors of the community including educators, students, parents, community-based organizations, and first responders. This FAQ discusses how Law Enforcement, Fire, and Medics can be instantly included and connected to school safety networks for rapid response to escalated emergencies. 

Goals of First Responder Participation:

To instantly inform Law Enforcement, Fire, and/or Medic responders of a serious threat that cannot be completely handled at the local school district. An audible Alert is sent directly to responders, and appropriate First Responder Teams are automatically included in the existing local school communication group that is under threat. The Alert not only enhances the initial 911 call, but it also ensures that police, fire, and medics have transparent, real-time access to internal communications and electronic emergency plans to facilitate the most effective and efficient combined response.

Responding Agencies with Multiple School Districts or Other Large Organizations in their Jurisdictions:

CrisisGo allows responders to be connected, all from within the same platform, to multiple school districts, churches, and other large organizations in their jurisdiction.

Multi-Agency Response Teams:

CrisisGo also supports multi-agency response to school districts and other large organizations if appropriate for your jurisdictions.

Getting Started is Simple for Schools and Responders.  School Superintendents and First Responder Admins Meet to:

  • Define threats that require instant escalation to Law enforcement, Fire, Medics, or ALL.
  • Establish the method of deployment of CrisisGo for responders. Will the responders have the CrisisGo app at dispatch, in vehicles, on responders’ smartphones, etc.?
  • Determine the main CrisisGo contact for each responding agency.
  • Encourage responders to watch the “Escalation” video in the reference portion of this document to learn how to effectively use the app.
  • Discuss the frequency of combined testing to ensure system integrity. We recommend testing at startup and at least once per quarter.

After meeting with Responder Admins, the School Safety Administrator will:

  • Create a specific Law Enforcement message group to receive automatic Alert escalations for specific emergency Alerts.
  • Send a shareable group invitation to the law enforcement contact to share with their responders.
  • Approve the subscriptions as first responders accept the invitation to join the group.
  • Keep each responding agency aware of any changes or enhancements to the program and their group.

The First Responders only need to:

  • Register their account upon receiving their invitation from the school district.
  • Download the CrisisGo app and log in.
  • Watch the 2-minute training video.
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